When Vince Wilfork walked away from the game of football, he did it in a way only he could: by swapping his cleats for tongs, slipping into his overalls and firing off a tweet promoting his branded content video with Kingsford.

When Ayesha Curry found out her friend Sabrina Soto couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving, she teamed up with Glad Press’n Seal and surprised Sabrina by shipping her Mom’s Thanksgiving table across the country.

Cincinnati Bengal A.J. Green demonstrates his mid-season workout routine in this :30 commercial for Rockin’ Refuel. From pre-game to post-game, this high-quality protein beverage helps A.J. stay at the top of his game.

SITO transforms consumer behavior and location science data into custom solutions for the world’s leading brands. Our brand video brings to life the future retail-to-consumer experience that SITO is redefining.

Smellcome to Manhood! Introducing the Old Spice School of Swagger, a four part online video series developed for guys entering puberty that brings some fun to the subject, while providing answers to some pretty awkward (and smelly) questions.

SEC fans live, eat and breathe football. So what happens when they try to plan a wedding on game-day? A Tailgate wedding of course! Tim Tebow and Johnsonville Sausage teamed up to announce the one-of-a-kind contest.

Echo provides forward-thinking industry analysis tools. This modern, rapidly evolving animation is our visual interpretation of industry disruption and the benefits of Echo’s software.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Students of the Year Campaign is a philanthropy program in which high school students raise funds to benefit LLS and the mission to cure blood cancers. This recruitment video is meant to inspire students and parents to join the fight.

Kingsford set out to make BBQ ribs the official food of America and drive people to sign the petition to #StandWithRibs. So we captured NFL star and Grill-Master Vince Wilfork bobbing, weaving, and dancing ‘til the content fell off the bone.

Drones, groans, and danger zones. We captured pop star Kellie Pickler as she trained for and completed The Warrior Dash obstacle course, assisted by celebrity fitness trainer Erin Opera and Rockin’ Refuel.

Nespresso machines make more than cups of coffee. They provide a rich, delicious, full body experience. We highlighted Nespresso’s beautiful design, high performance, and superior engineering in this stylish product video.

To bring awareness to the re-launch of Crispy M&M’s, we set-up hidden cameras and captured NFL star cornerback Darrelle Revis in disguise, surprising New Yorkers with free bags of M&M’s crispier cousin.